OceanView Community Association 

Please check out the director nominees on the "Meet The Board" tab . Please note that all nominees are eligible to be on the board.

Serving the community with a wide range of activites and services.
Memberships & Donations
As a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, OVCA is a certified corporation (shown here to the left) in Good Standing with the state of Hawaii.  The organization's operating expenses are primarily funded through Membership Dues, Building Use Fees and Donations.

You may submit your OVCA membership dues and paying via credit card or PayPal using the "Buy Now" button below, or by check if you fill out the form and mail it.

Donations may also be sent using PayPal "Donate" button below. Please note that the donations and memberships are all tax deductible.
Yes, it took a little bit longer,
but now you can pay online!!!
To make a donation simply click on the button here on the left and enter the amount. Donations can be made in any amount of $5 or greater. 
To pay a membership dues simply click on the button here on the left and enter the amount. Individual memberships are $30 per year; and Family memberships are $50 per year. 
NOTE:  For your convenience an OVCA payment form will be completed based
     on the Pay Pal information supplied and incorporated in the OVCA records.