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Who We Are

The OVCA is a nonprofit organization of local residents, staffed by volunteers, working together to improve life in Ocean View. Join us! 


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Masks and proof of vaccination are no longer required at the Community Center.

Our library is now open Mondays through Saturdays, 9am-12pm.

The monthly OVCA Pancake Breakfast is the 2nd Saturday each month, 8am – 11am.

Board and Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2023

Call to Order: 1pm.   Board Members Present: Chris Garske, Liz Parsley, Marilynn Rose, Dave Anderson, Suzanne Reiter 

Members & Guests: Ron Buzzetti, Linda Frank, Claudia Bird, Christopher Rice, Kaoru Motomura 

December Meeting: Minutes were approved and a signed copy was filed.

President: Chris Garske reported that the buildings are seeing increased usage and new renters, fundraising projects are underway, and more volunteers are signing up to help.

Treasurer: Marilynn Rose distributed the 2022 profit and loss report. The Board reviewed and accepted the report.

Finance Committee: Liz Parsley reported on fund raising efforts including: developing a grant template, pancake breakfasts, and yard/craft sales. 2023 fund raising efforts will also include a bi-annual dinner dance.

Building Use: Dave Anderson reported on the maintenance of the building which included replacing the old potable water tank with a new 10,000 gallon potable tank, refinishing the Ohia posts in the front of the building, the constant maintenance of pest control, and painting the building.

Installation of 2023 Board of Directors: the following elected members were installed to 2023 Board of Directors: Dave Anderson, Gary Bailey, Claudia Bird, Ron Buzzetti, Linda Frank, Chris Garske, Liz Parsley, Suzanne Reiter and Marilynn Rose

Installation of 2023 Officers: Motion by Linda Frank, 2nd by Dave Anderson to accept the following slate of officers. President: Chris Garske, Vice-President: Suzanne Reiter, Secretary: Claudia Bird,  Treasurer: Marilynn Rose. Motion approved unanimously.

New Business:

Topic: Review Administrative Duties: The board reviewed administrative duties and assigned them to appropriate officers or committee.

Topic: Roadside Clean Up Day: Dave suggested a road side clean up trash day. He will contact the county to schedule and provide extra dumpsters at the transfer station for extra box springs, mattresses, furniture and appliances. We will provide trucks and drivers to pick up and deliver to the transfer station.

Topic: 2023 Newsletter Format: The board agreed to streamline future OVCA newsletters, focusing on OVCA events and activities. Newsletters will be emailed to members or mailed upon request. 

Topic: CD&DVD Usage: the board agreed to give away the library’s CDs and DVDs due to low usage, making more space for books.

Topic: Use of Stage: After discussing the safety and liability of unsupervised children on stage, the board agreed to limit access to authorized adults and supervised children’s performance activities.

Old Business Updates:

Topic: Purchasing New Chairs: 60 new folding chairs were purchased and received. After checking their quality 20 more new chairs were purchased, totaling 80 new and 120 old chairs.

Topic: Pancake Breakfast: 132 meals were served at the December breakfast.  $39 in donations were received. 2023 members were given $1.00 discount.

Topic: Game Night: Our first game night attendees enjoyed  ping pong, puzzles, and socializing. Game night will continue on the second Sunday each month from 6pm-8pm.

Topic: Membership: we have received 57 2023 memberships. Membership applications and cards need to be filled out annually.

Topic: Pix with Santa: It was a fun event with about 30 children and adolescents and adults getting their pictures taken with Santa.

Adjourned: 2:15 pm

Submitted by: Secretary Claudia Bird

Signed by: President Chris Garske

Serving the community with a wide range of activities and services

  • Space Rentals for Private and Public events
  • OV Library
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • AdvoCats spay service
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Telehealth
  • Classic Car and Bike Shows
  • Pancake Breakfasts (best deal in town)
  • Food and Medicine distributions
  • Classes – yoga, ballet, drivers ed, and more
  • Lots more!

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